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                        Container Corner Casting
                        Casting for Ship Building
                        Parts for Tracks
                        Other Products

                        Jiangmen Guangjin casting &foundry limited company is a foundry company founded 20 years and a member of China foundry Association. The company is specialized
                        In manufacturing all kind corner casting including ISO1161 international standard container corner casting, 48 feet corner casting ,53feet corner casting and EU 45 feet corner casting and we also manufacturing truck component such as supporting leg and wheel hub. The company is the industrial leading company in Guangdong province with strong capability of R&D.
                        The company occupied a land of 11 acres, consisting of 5 workshop including 4 corner casting production line and 2 truck component production line. And we also have one sand recycling line, CNC mold machine line and product test lab..
                        A very experience R&D team is working for the company to ensure high level and high performance product for the customer. Customer first, People Oriented, Systematic management and continuous improvement is the company’s quality policy ever since establishment. With the implementation  of total quality management , the company has obtained the recognition approval from ISO/TS 16949:2009, CCS ,ABS , BV ,GL, and LR, as well as “Excellent Supplier ” from FUWA Group, Volvo, WABCO(Westinghouse Air Brake Company),JOST, BPW, MAERSK, Singamas , CXIC, Orient International and CIMC.

                        Production Equip
                        Testing Equipmen
                        Factory Environm

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